Aileen The Alien

She’s Landed!!

Following on from 2 successful shows running over the last 10 Years (The Phoenix and Boudicca), The Wheelabouts are now reaching for the stars with – Aileen The Alien…..

With our Alien-Heroine ensconsed in her beautiful flying saucer, packed with gizmos, comedy sci-fi props and innovative electro-mechanisation, she will be searching the planet for signs of intelligent life….. Mmmmm, this could be tricky….

A clear Acrylic domed top will open as Aileen stops to interact with humans, closing again as the Spaceship moves off. A sci-fi sound track will play from an onboard PA, with voice changing effects on Aileens voice. The spaceship contains a host of comedy ‘props and Weapons’: Eg – a portable theremin scanning device… a Ray Gun to defend against space-invaders… an X-ray device to see what you had for breakfast…. She might even have to get out ‘The Probe’ !

Alien, but very sweet and friendly, she will be scanning the humans that she encounters and asking questions of those that she meets. This is a comical family show, but may help to raise a few wider questions along the way…. Do you recycle..? Do you consider yourself an ‘Alien’ in your world…? What would YOUR perfect planet be like…? What will you do to make our planet better…? When did you last call your Mum…

Aileen’s assistant – A lost spaceman, rescued by Aileen, ‘Buzz’ now helps her with her search across the universe.

From on board the Spaceship, Aileen will introduce us to her ‘Baby Puppet-pal’ Bubbles. A cute and cuddly baby Alien puppet with sound and light effects who burps ‘bubbles’!

Look out for the blue lights in the sky – Aileen may be landing at a festival near you…

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