Amassing her army of Celts and marking their faces with Woad, Boudicca’s chariot, loaded with an arsenal of comedy weapons, and her mechanical horse tear off across the countryside looking for Romans to pick on and ‘punish’!…
Part puppetry, part sculpture & part performance, Boudicca is an exciting gallop with silly audience participation and plenty of comic improvisation!

Boudicca was commissioned by Articulture in partnership with the Wales Outdoor Arts Consortium (WOAC), and they are: Taliesin – Swansea, River Front – Newport, ‘National Eisteddfod’ – Cardiff, Theatr Brycheiniog – Brecon, Theatr Hafren – Newtown, ‘Festival No. 6’- Portmeirion,  and Llawn – Llandudno.
Boudicca Feather Dusters. Main Promo Image - 1





Boudicca in the woods…





Low Res - Boudicca Promo 3

Low Res - Boudicca Promo 4












                   Boudicca on the Road…

Boudicca - Cropped Fetch Shot.

Machynlleth Comedy Festival 2018










Boudicca - Monmouth - Camera - ipiccy low


Monmouth - Romanometer

Machynlleth Comedy Festival 2018