Tour Dates 2019 so far…

                                                 Beware the Blue Hand of Boudicca!


She’s back and on her way to do some damage…

June 8th:                    Spare Parts Festival – Oldham.
June 15th:                  Ystradgynlais Town Festival.
July 6th:                     Spare Parts Fest – Crewe.
July 20th:                   Rhayader Carnival.
August 16,17 & 18th:          Just So Festival – Cheshire.

We’ve got 2/3 other festivals pending, so keep your eyes peeled & an ear to the ground for the sound of thundering of hooves…




4 thoughts on “Tour Dates 2019 so far…

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  1. Why can’t I reply above ANYONE’S reply line, only this way???? help me pretty please, anyone wot knows…. I’ll be at Rhayader, def! & any others I can get to. Fanks for the heads up. BIGBIG HUGS m’darlin’s. XXXXXXXXXX

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    1. Hi Lesley, lovely to hear from you – again! I’m afraid I’m not the right person to ask – I have no idea! Utterly hopeless at this website business! The post hasn’t even appeared as I’d written it! I’m glad you got the dates though, & we’ll look forward to seeing you in Rhayader! Beware the Blue Hand though! 😜 xxxx


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